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Tanya Beckett

Business Journalist and Broadcaster,

Tanya is currently one of the most experienced business journalists /anchor around on British and World TV. Currently working for BBC World, Tanya presents ‘Witness’ and is a regular business News contributor on the BBC radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme.

Tanya is a banker turned broadcaster who has worked for the BBC for 15 years, presenting news and business programmes. Among her ventures at the corporation, Tanya spent three years working for the BBC in New York, travelled extensively in Russia and roamed Europe reporting on the Eurozone crisis.

Tanya had an interesting journey reaching the point at which she now finds herself. It all started with her degree from Oxford in ‘Metallurgy and the Science of Materials’. Her first job was in research for ‘Courtaulds’ and after a period of time with them she decided to make the leap from laboratory to finance when she began a stint in Investment Banking. She has worked for such giants of the financial world as ‘Citibank’ in London within their Credit Analysis division and with ‘Commerzbank’ in Frankfurt, with the Capital Markets Division. However, journalism soon began to interest her and so it was only a short leap into the World of TV, which Tanya made with spectacular success.

In 1993 she joined ‘NBC Europe/CNBC Europe’ as a Business/political reporter. Between 1993 – 1998 she continued to work for various Broadcasters such as ‘CNN International, Sky News and Dubai TV’, gaining valuable experience along the way.

Inevitably the BBC finally beckoned and she became one of the regular anchors for ‘Working Lunch’ BBC2, quickly followed by becoming one of the regulars on BBC 1’s ‘Business Breakfast’. Tanya also became part of the Business team on ‘News 24 and BBC World’.

Tanya is also an experienced, competent and polished presenter/facilitator within the corporate world. She brings her wealth of business knowledge and experience to whichever event she is involved in. Tanya is fluent in both German and French.