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Ali Borhani

Founder & CWO , Incubeemea

Ali Borhani is the founder and the self-styled “Chief Welding Officer” of Incubeemea, which advises Senior Executives in Fortune 500 companies and allows them to enhance the value of their activities in the MENA region. Through his journey in the corporate world and start-ups, he has learned from both success and failure.

Until 2010, he was the Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Bosch Siemens in MEA, where he guided the strategic direction of the distributor network in 25 countries. Before that, he was the Regional Sales Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and its Business Excellence Manager. At Philips, Ali grew sales by 45% in less than three years and built a solid distributor network that has allowed the business to continue growing ever since.

His credible deep insight into Iran’s Hotel & Hospitality sector has anchored Incubeemea as the “Go To” advisory firm for Iran. Last year Incubeemea published an industry 1st, Iran Hotel & Hospitality Report in 3 issues. He has been sharing his accurate predictions on Iran’s economic reintegration into global markets at various international conferences as far as 2013, and way before the developments took shape.

A Canadian with Iranian origins living in the UAE, Ali understands the sensitivities, markets and opportunities across the region. With hands-on experience at every key level and a deep understanding of MENA, Ali and his board open up a huge network of senior contacts across the region. His expertise and smart, often unconventional, but always culturally correct and incisive strategic thinking have assisted his clients to outperform and break through barriers in some of the most demanding frontier markets.

He mentors budding entrepreneurs in the region and also works with a number of not-for profit causes, NGOs and public private partnerships organizations, such as Gavi the Vaccine Alliance.

Ali is a frequent contributor to local and international publications such as Trend MENA, Gulf Business, and Esquire magazine.

Ali’s very strong interest in people is best illustrated by a quote from world-famous choreographer Pina Bausch: “I’m not interested in how people move, but what moves them.”