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Pierre-Frédéric Roulot

Chief Executive Officer, Groupe du Louvre & Louvre Hotels Group

Pierre-Frédéric Roulot is the CEO of Louvre Hotels
Group, the international hospitality player based in
Paris, France.
He joined the Group in 2007, bringing more than
25 years of experience in the service industry
including extensive knowledge in marketing, brand
management, operations management and
franchise network development.
Since the acquisition of the group by the Chinese
conglomerate Jin Jiang in March 2015, Pierre-
Frédéric has been successfully collaborating with
his new shareholder to smoothly integrate Louvre Hotels Group to their existing structure while
pursuing sound business development.
In December 2015, in addition to his current role, Pierre-Frédéric was named CEO of Groupe du
Louvre – the holding of Louvre Hotels Group – which has become the new European headquarters
of Jin Jiang International. He is responsible for implementing European development strategies of Jin
Jiang, supporting Louvre Hotels Group to achieve better performance, as well as facilitating and
coordinating the growth of its brands in China.
Prior to joining Louvre Hotels Group, Pierre-Frédéric spent 20 years with McDonald’s where he served
in various strategic positions including Deputy Managing Director for France and Operations Director,
Southern Europe.
Pierre-Frédéric holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management from HEC Paris. A French citizen,
he is married with two children and lives in Paris, France.