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Anders Nissen

Chief Executive Officer
Pandox AB

Anders Nissen has over 30 years of experience from the hotel and hospitality industry, including 10 years as CEO for several public and private companies, as well as senior management assignments in the Scandinavian and international hotel market. Mr. Nissen has also served as chairman and board member at several companies within the private and public sector.

His early career was very much in operative roles as Hotel Manager of several different hotels in Scandinavia. During 1985-1992, Mr. Nissen held a number of executive positions within the RESO organisation, at the time the leading Swedish hotel operator. In 1993, Mr Nissen was employed as CEO of Securum Hotel & Turism AB tasked with the responsibility to structure Securum's hotel property portfolio. The portfolio included hotel operating companies, as well  as hotel properties, several golf courses and ski areas.

Mr. Nissen was one of the initiators of Pandox and has been the CEO of Pandox since the start in 1995. He has a great knowledge of and passion for the industry and in particular the art of turning underperforming hotels into profitable ones which is evident by the fact that Pandox started out as a disparate collection of 18 hotel properties and three small operating units in 1995 (most of them poor performers with unattractive locations) and has under Mr. Nissen's stewardship been turned into one of the leading European hotel companies with 106 properties in 51 locations across 9 countries.  To date, Pandox has executed transactions worth 2.5 billion euro, corresponding to around 200 hotel properties or operations. Mr. Nissen's latest venture, the newly formed operating company, Pandox Operations, which operates 17 hotels, has a turnover of around 220 million euro and around 1,600 employees.