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Gavin Flynn

Senior Vice President Strategy, M+A and Corporate Development

Gavin Flynn joined IHG in 2001 in Group strategy working on projects such as the demerger of the Six Continents business and crafting the asset-restructuring strategy. In 2004, he was appointed Head of Investor Relations, a position he held for 2 years, substantially turning around investor perceptions of IHG and being voted Best European IR professional in sector. In 2006, he returned to lead the strategy team at IHG, working with the senior leadership team to set the longer term direction for the company as well as taking ownership for various global operational initiatives such as outsourcing and best practice development.

His current position is SVP, Strategy, M&A and Corporate Development, where he has responsibility for defining the strategic direction of IHG and leading the effort to grow through M&A and creative new business models.

Prior to joining IHG, Gavin was Operations Director for an online travel company (, which was subsequently purchased by TUI. He also worked in strategy consulting for 5 years with Gemini Consulting on a variety of travel and leisure projects. He has an MBA from INSEAD and an MA in Chemistry from Oxford, specialising in structural analytical techniques.

Outside work, he competes (very averagely) in triathlon, invests (averagely) in red wine and tries to stay in as many great hotels as possible with his family.